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Strange Media

We are a team held together by our deep passions for visual media. Whether it be photography, videography, graphic design, illustrations, and much more. We all believe that digital art is an expression of emotion and have dedicated our lives to creating and sharing it. Having done projects all over the globe for corporate brands, we enjoy seeing how our main focus never changes. No matter what projects we take on in any location we constantly bring our clients visions to life in the most beautiful way.

Strange Studios

Located a few blocks from Mercedes Benz Stadium our beautiful fully equipped 5600 sqf studio is ready to house any project we can throw at it. We have a full makeup/dressing area, tons of lounge areas, kitchen, and a meeting table. 

Our entire team is based out of Atlanta, GA. For the 2019 year we needed to expand our facilities and with that expansion we wanted to involve ourselves more in our home town. Still working with global brands, Strange Studios is our home base production office. Having the ability to keep as much in house as possible allows us to turn out the same quality content faster, and at a lower price. 

Common services we offer in house.

-Business Headshots

-Regular Headshots (Modeling, acting, etc.)

-Album covers



-Full Body Portraits

-Product (Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, Bags)

Our Team

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